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Well, it’s official. “Perfect” (The short I shot last summer) has been successful entered into Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary International Film festivals.   Now all I can do is wait and see if it gets in!  For those of you with your own projects I would recommend looking at It’s great for keeping track of your projects and the more than 2500 festivals worldwide that you might want to enter it in.  Good luck!

Apparently Blu-Ray may not be the perfect long term storage/backup medium. Some people over at AVS are reporting mold spots between the layers that makes the disk unusable. Apparently this is something that has happened before, but it still isn’t good news.

Kodak has developed a new type of sensor for their still cameras that are 2 to 4 times more sensitive to light. They do this by adding additional clear pixels that capture all wavelengths of light, which not only increases their sensitivity, but because the pixels are smaller it allows for higher resolution. The remaining red, green and blue sensors capture the color information. The technology can be used to improve both CCD and CMOS sensors. The chips will start becoming available in 2008, but no word on when they’ll find themselves in video cameras. Let’s hope it’s soon.

So for the moment HD DVD seems to be in the lead. According to Engadget the HD DVD camp is claiming 60% market share of stand alone players. Of course this is specifically designed to take the PS3 out of the playing field, but perhaps this war isn’t over yet…

For me, I like the fact that I can shoot projects with my HVX-200 and then (if they’re short enough) master them to HD DVD using DVD Studio Pro and a regular DVD. Higher quality at no extra cost.

Need help keeping track of what festival deadlines are?  Check out I’ve found it extremely helpful.  It tells you where and when festivals are, and a little about what they’re looking for content wise.

On the Lot has been reduced to one night a week. Hopefully they can cram all that action into one night…

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