Apparently Blockbuster has decided to primarily support Blu-Ray. Definitely not good news for the HD DVD camp. Only time will tell what implications this will have for the war.

[UPDATE: This is a more balanced report. Blockbuster clarified their position by saying that they are reviewing the data constantly, and they will support whatever the consumers want. If the 250 stores (and online) start renting more HD DVD, they will adapt. HD DVD is saying that most of the Blockbuster renters are PS3 owners without games to buy, and the real money is in movie purchases. They feel that when a renter walks into a Best Buy and sees a $500+ Blu-Ray player and a $250 HD DVD player the decision will be simple.]


Kodak has developed a new type of sensor for their still cameras that are 2 to 4 times more sensitive to light. They do this by adding additional clear pixels that capture all wavelengths of light, which not only increases their sensitivity, but because the pixels are smaller it allows for higher resolution. The remaining red, green and blue sensors capture the color information. The technology can be used to improve both CCD and CMOS sensors. The chips will start becoming available in 2008, but no word on when they’ll find themselves in video cameras. Let’s hope it’s soon.